Sarah Wiger ’21, Brainerd, Minn.
Major/Minors: Biology; Chemistry, Neuroscience

Why did you choose Concordia? 

Although many of my family members attended Concordia, I was independently drawn to Concordia due to its rigorous science program and involved professors. As I’m in my senior year, I have also come to greatly admire the college’s emphasis on community outreach and involvement.

Why do you study science?

I have always loved the complexities behind every biological concept and how those intricacies contribute to the world we know today. After graduation, I will be pursuing a career as a physician assistant that specializes in women’s health. This career is ideal for me, as it combines my love of biology, anatomy, and physiology with my passion for the advancement of reproductive health.

Have you had any favorite classes?

My first semester at Concordia, I took a class that utilized personal narratives and current immigration policy to discuss the immigration and refugee crisis and its impact on children. Titled “No Country for Lost Kids?” and taught by Dr. Lisa Twomey, the class allowed me to understand the hardships that plague countless immigrants and further develop my dedication to social activism. This past year, I was in Anatomy and Physiology 411-412 taught by Dr. Julie Rutherford. Although challenging, the classes allowed me to advance my knowledge and appreciation of the human body through the complex understanding of physiological mechanisms, real-life clinical applications, and human donors.

Are there any professors that you admire?

Although I look up to every single one of my professors, I especially admire Dr. Lisa Twomey and Dr. Julie Rutherford, as they are both strong, professional women who are dedicated to sharing their academic passions with every student.

Tell us about your new student organization, Students United for Reproductive Freedom.

I recently started a service-based organization on campus called Students United for Reproductive Freedom (SURF). In conjunction with Planned Parenthood, we will provide community outreach, volunteer opportunities, educational seminars, and guest speakers on the topic of reproductive rights and health.

Now that SURF is an official student organization, how do you plan to involve the student body?

Every student at Concordia arrives with a different background of reproductive health education, so I really wanted an organization on campus that could streamline student knowledge about their own reproductive health. These events, speakers, and seminars will allow students to be more involved with learning about and advocating for reproductive health services.

What difference are you hoping to make through SURF?

SURF will facilitate a campus atmosphere in which the topic of reproductive health and rights can be more understood so that every student can feel comfortable and educated when they seek out their own reproductive needs. It is also important that SURF expands the level of community outreach through its affiliation with Planned Parenthood so the Fargo-Moorhead community can also benefit from SURF’s reproductive health outreach. One event we had was a movie night in which your “ticket” was a menstrual product of your choice (box of tampons, pads, etc.). These products were donated to the local YWCA Women’s and Children Center in order to aid with their reproductive needs.

Published December 2020