Surge Protector – $30

Before you get too excited to gear up your dorm with all of this sweet tech, you first need a way to power everything. This Socket Shelf from Allstar Innovations is the perfect solution for getting extra outlets into your room. Providing you with six outlets, two USB charging ports, and a shelf for some extra storage, the Socket Shelf is the best way to prepare your dorm room for all your cool new tech.

Intelligent Alarm Clock – $27

Now that you have your power situation figured out, let’s put it to good use. The BEDDI is a smart alarm clock that pairs with your smartphone over a mobile app to customize the clock face, LED light colors, and snooze button settings. Doubling as a Bluetooth speaker, the BEDDI is perfect for when you feel like cranking up those study jams.

Wave Smart Notebook – $21

Trying to save paper? What if I told you about a notebook that never runs out of pages? That’s right; you never have to throw this notebook away when it’s full. The Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook is an 80-page notebook with some amazing capabilities. Connecting this notebook to a smartphone app allows you to publish everything you write or draw onto Google Drive, Slack, Microsoft Word, or even your online to-do list. Simply take a photo of the page you’re on and your text will appear. Once your notebook is full, throw it in the microwave for a few seconds and – just like that – all of your pages are blank again. This may just be the most mysterious invention from the past year.

Essential Oil Diffuser – $16

Trying to freshen up your dorm room a little? Sorry to tell you, but candles are not an option in residence halls – but this is! This essential oil diffuser from URPOWER will help you keep your room fresh smelling and flameless this year. Plus, you can change the scent every day by picking up a variety of essential oils to go with it.

Instax Camera – $55

Freshman year is full of making memories, but how will you capture the moment when you and your new lifelong friend meet? Fujifilm Instax cameras are a great way to save all of your fun Cobber memories. Take this anywhere from the beanie toss on Olin Hill to your first Habitat trip to have little mementos of all the fun you had in your four years of college.

Noise-Canceling Headphones – $29

Whether your roommate is playing Fortnite too loud or you just need to get in the zone while studying, a pair of noise-canceling headphones should be next on your list. These Sony headphones are an affordable option if you’re looking for some solitude while studying.

Portable External Hard Drive – $45

Computers crash all the time. If you are looking for a safe option to back up the files from your laptop, you need to check out one of these portable hard drives from Toshiba. Store up to 1TB of data on this little thing and never lose your homework assignments again. Pro tip: You will never have to worry about dropping this while working on your computer if you attach a couple of Command adhesive strips to this and to the back of your computer. Stick it right to the back of your laptop display to keep your desk clear and avoid any mishaps.

Portable Charger – $30

Forget to plug your phone in overnight? No problem. Portable chargers are getting more affordable and you can fully charge an iPhone up to three and a half times with one of these chargers from Anker. These can be lifesavers on days when your phone just doesn’t have enough juice.

Google Chromecast – $35

Trying to watch the new season of “Stranger Things” with your friends and your laptop screen isn’t cutting it? Just plug this into the TV in your dorm room to stream straight from your mobile device to a TV with no problems. For only $35, your dorm will be the new movie room for you and all your friends.

Published July 2020