The CobberAssurance Program highlights Concordia’s commitment to help their students, even after graduation. Offered to qualified* incoming students, the program helps Concordia graduates repay their loans after graduation, in the event they earn less than $50,000 per year in their post grad careers.

The CobberAssurance Program covers all Federal Direct, Private Alternative Student Loans, and Parent PLUS loans.

Participants must sign up at

CobberAssurance Program Eligibility*

  • Qualified students must have a completed FAFSA on file (Concordia's code is 002346).
  • Graduate from Concordia College; the CobberAssurance Program is not transferable.
  • Transfer students must have 2+ years remaining to qualify.
  • After graduation:
    • Work in the U.S. (Overseas/grad school puts your LRAP benefits on “pause”).
    • Work 30+ hours/week or more (students must find employment within 18 months of graduation to qualify).
    • Not working with family.

After Graduation

  • The CobberAssurance Program is paid quarterly (via reimbursement on your loan payments).
  • Your income determines the assistance that you receive:
    • The upper-income threshold is $50,000.
    • The lower-income threshold is $20,000.
    • Incomes between the thresholds receive proportional reimbursement.
  • Coverage lasts for the life of the loan or until your income exceeds the upper-income threshold.
Graduate's income Percent Reimbursed
$20,000 or less 100%
$23,000 90%
$26,000 80%
$29,000 70%
$32,000 60%
$35,000 50%
$38,000 40%
$41,000 30%
$44,000 20%
$47,000 10%
$50,000 or more 0%



We believe in the quality and value of Concordia College, but we also know that student debt can deter students and families interested in Concordia. The CobberAssurance Program is one way we are addressing college access, affordability, and overall student indebtedness.

There is no cost to students to be enrolled in the CobberAssurance Program.

If you are a qualified incoming student who has been offered the CobberAssurance Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP), it is easy to sign up at

The CobberAssurance Program is designed to provide access to students and families who exhibit some level of financial need to attend Concordia. Those students without significant financial challenges have less of a need for the program.

Considering the benefits and cost of student loans is a serious and very personal decision for many, a limited level of student loans is an effective tool to assist with the annual cost of college. That said, Concordia encourages students to think critically about the total level of loans they will use during their four years in college. The CobberAssurance Program serves as a safety net loan repayment assistance program for students who utilize loans while in college and later begin careers with annual average salaries below $50,000.

After graduation, you are still responsible for repaying your student loans. If you are making less than $50,000 per year and enrolled in the program, you will submit the necessary paperwork for repayment assistance. The CobberAssurance Program provides quarterly reimbursements after the loan payments are made. If your income is less than $20,000, you will qualify for full reimbursement of your student loan payments. If your income is between $20,000 and $50,000 annually, you will qualify for proportional assistance.

Assistance continues for the life of the loan or until your income surpasses $50,000.

If you are enrolled full time in graduate school after completing your bachelor’s degree at Concordia, the CobberAssurance Program will “pause” until you are no longer enrolled in graduate school and you begin to repay your Concordia loan obligations. You then have 18 months to find employment and qualify for the program.

Given the nature of this new program, we are unable to cover currently enrolled students or alumni who have already graduated.

Please contact your admission representative at 218.299.3004 or with any additional questions about the CobberAssurance Program. For specific terms and conditions, please see the LRAP Terms and Conditions.