Deadline: Feb. 10, 2024

Concordia awards annual scholarships to recognize excellence in the following areas of theatre: lighting, scenery, costumes, sound, stage management, and performance. Scholars are required to participate in the program but not major in theatre art.

Theatre Performance and Production Scholarships were created to recognize excellence in theatre and the potential for exceptional contributions to the Concordia community. In order to maintain the award, recipients participate at a significant level as cast or crew members in each main stage and lab theatre production during their time as a Concordia theatre scholar as well as participate in three theatre courses during their first four semesters at Concordia.

The award may be combined or stacked with other academic scholarships. Many recipients of this award also qualify for need-based scholarships, grants, or loans.

On-Campus Event Date: Feb. 17, 2024

Theatre Scholarship Application


To be eligible for a Theatre Scholarship, you must be an incoming first-year or transfer student who has been accepted for admission to Concordia College, have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA (non-weighted), and have exhibited proficiency in theatre performance or production. 

The initial screening will be based on a scholarship application, an essay, and a theatrical resume. Your resume may include performance and/or technical experience. The essay topic for your application is: "How do the talents and skills of theatre prepare you for a meaningful life and contribute positively to the world?" Your essay must be double-spaced and should be at least one page but no more than three pages.


Brandon Wente

Associate Director of Admission Admission