King Olav V Scholarships

  • $15,500 per year for Norwegian students
    • Awarded with permission from the Norwegian Royal family
    • All students from Norway automatically receive this award each year.
  • No separate application is needed.
  • Substantial assistance is available to Norwegian students from Lånekassen.

Harry R. Brown

  • For students from DoDDS High Schools
  • Combined with existing programs, this award can cover up to 100 percent of your financial need.
    • Financial need is the cost of attendance less the Expected Family Contribution (EFC).
    • EFC is determined by filing your FAFSA.
  • Selection will be based on family need and academic ability, and preference will be given to children of enlisted personnel.  

Application, visit, merit, talent, community, and diversity awards and scholarships from Concordia College will be capped at $27,000. We encourage all families to complete the FAFSA to best inform our Financial Aid Office if you are eligible for additional need-based aid.