Professor Appointed to Minnesota Environmental Quality Board

The board’s mission is to enhance Minnesota's environmental quality for current and future generations.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz has appointed Dr. Kenneth Foster to the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board (EQB).

Foster is chair/professor of political science and director of Community Engagement. His position on the board will be as a public member for Congressional District 7 and one of eight public members (one from each congressional district) along with nine agency heads. Board meetings take place once a month.

Moorhead Mayor Shelly Carlson alerted Foster to the vacancy and encouraged him to apply.

“Beyond the service to the great state of Minnesota and the opportunity to advance environment and climate goals in the state, I’m excited about how my involvement with the EQB will enhance my teaching and work with students,” Foster said.

Foster said he sees this as his own sort of extended PEAK, learning through doing and through involvement in policy at the state level (while continuing to be involved in Moorhead).

The EQB provides leadership and coordination across agencies on priority environmental issues that are multi-jurisdictional, and multi-dimensional, as well as providing opportunities for public access and engagement. Beyond its involvement in the state environmental review process, the EQB has lately focused a great deal on climate change and pollinators.