Beyond the Classroom

Our signature integrative learning opportunities (PEAKs) will give you an edge in future academic and occupational endeavors.

All Concordia graduates will show at least two Pivotal Experience in Applied Knowledge (PEAK) involvement in their portfolio. Your PEAK might be a special course, an internship, a global learning experience, or a service project.

Integrating this involvement into a student's four-year Concordia experience is evidence of our long-running commitment to using a liberal arts foundation to prepare leaders for a world of change.

One example of a PEAK: 10 Concordia students embarked on a student-led spring Breakaway trip across the western U.S., where they were immersed in issues of sustainability. The students learned about what is possible for campus sustainability at Concordia and shared goals for policies relating to environmental issues.
Carrie Voss '22 is completing a PEAK as this year's homecoming chair.
PEAKs can include leadership as an R.A. like Gunnar Aas '22, Hoyum Hall.
One PEAK for Justin Monroe '21 is his role as director of marketing for SALT.
Help the environment and get a PEAK at the same time. Lauren Nelson '22 is a sustainability student leader.

Learning + Doing

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Accounting for Career Preparation

When a pivotal experience to help individuals during tax season offered hands-on training, accounting major Ellen Dee ’22 volunteered to strengthen her skills.

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Compassionate Justice

Student-faculty research project focuses on a compassionate approach to juvenile justice

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