Offutt School of Business Program Options

Hands-on learning is a major emphasis as business students gain global competence and develop their leadership skills. Students majoring in business programs will work closely with professors who are passionate teachers and expert practitioners in their fields. Through business internships, team projects, entrepreneurial opportunities, and study abroad experiences, you’ll gain crucial business skills for thriving in any career setting.


Business is one of the most popular majors at Concordia. Whether you’re preparing for a career as an accountant, healthcare executive or marketing professional, the Offutt School of Business graduates will develop the ability to translate academic concepts into concrete action through applied learning experiences. Recent employers include Sanford Health, Deloitte, Microsoft, and Grant Thornton.

Unique Opportunities

Concordia College’s Offutt School of Business is grounded in the versatile power of the liberal arts. Concordia is the only undergraduate liberal arts college in the region with a school of business – giving you the academic choices a larger university provides plus all the benefits of a small college.


Concordia College offers scholarship opportunities for Offutt School of Business students. Separate applications are required.

Barry Scholarships: Sophomore Offutt School majors are eligible to compete for two Barry Scholarships valued at $26,000 annually for two years. Recipients complete research and assume leadership responsibilities in the Offutt School.

Larson Scholarships: Sophomore or junior Offutt School majors who graduated from a North Dakota or Red River Valley high school are eligible to compete for six Larson Scholarships valued at $7,500 to $15,000 annually. Recipients are encouraged to seek leadership responsibilities in the Offutt School and may reapply or a second year.

Anderson Office of Career Success

From starting your resume to accepting a job offer, the Anderson Office of Career Success will be there every step of the way to help you secure the perfect internship or position for you. We also provide programs and events that give you the tools and opportunities you need to conquer the business world. From specific classes to small business experience, we will help in your journey toward a fulfilling career and a lifetime of success.

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When you are starting out, you may want to overanalyze everything but being overly deliberate may paint you into some corners. You are going to make mistakes, but that is how you learn and can better define your business.

Nate Axvig ’96
Co-Founder/Co-Owner, Aktiv

Degree Requirements and Courses

Required Courses

Additional Requirements

Recommended supporting courses:

Business majors must choose at least one concentration (12-23 credits)

BUSN 316 may be used as a substitute for BUSN 315 only in the following concentrations: healthcare administration, healthcare financial management, healthcare leadership, or long-term care administration.

It is recommended that students take MATH 121 OR MATH 203 prior to economics and accounting courses. The agribusiness, economics, finance, and management information systems concentrations require MATH 121 - Calculus I.


Agribusiness Concentration

Agribusiness and Applied Economics (AGEC) courses are offered at NDSU. Concentration requires 14-18 credits.


Requires 12-13 credits.

Finance Concentration

Requires 12-13 credits.

Healthcare Administration Concentration

Requires 15-16 credits.

Healthcare Financial Management Concentration (with certificate)

Requires 22 credits.

Healthcare Leadership Concentration (with certificate)

Requires 22 credits.

Long-Term Care Administration Concentration (with certificate)

Requires 25-27 credits.

Management Concentration

Requires 12-13 credits.

Management Information Systems Concentration

Requires 20 credits.

Marketing Concentration

Requires 12-13 credits.

Entrepreneurial Mindset Undergraduate Academic Certificate

This certificate program will allow all interested students to explore the exciting field of an entrepreneurial approach to identifying and solving problems, to navigating uncertainty, and to decision-making. This approach can benefit anyone in any discipline or career path. Although it is housed in the Offutt School of Business, there are no business prerequisites for any of the courses.

The requirements for an Entrepreneurial Mindset Undergraduate Academic Certificate are 9 credits: 

Required Courses

Additional Requirements

  • 12 additional computer science credits, excluding CSC 104 – Software Applications for Business Data. Nine of these 12 must be numbered 300 or above.

Required Courses

Additional Requirements

3 credits from the following:

  • Other approved elective

4 credits from the following supporting courses:

Study Abroad - Students are required to successfully complete at least one semester in an approved study abroad program, during which they must take at least one business or accounting class.

Language requirement - Students will complete a language minor OR 20 credits above course number 112 in more than one language. Several current programs have specific language requirements for internships and study abroad. Consult advisor about those expectations. Non-English native speaking foreign students will be required to fulfill the 20 credit language requirements by taking approved English and/or foreign language courses.

Recommended supporting courses:

Required Courses

Additional Requirements

9 credits from the following:

20 credits in mathematics and computer science courses:

12 credits from the following mathematics and computer science courses:

Investing in Real-World Experience

While Concordia is free of the crowded, intense atmosphere of the New York Stock Exchange, the Offutt School’s new finance lab offers students in the finance program the opportunity to get hands-on training in the world of stock trading.

Ting Lai ’17

The Offutt School of Business commits itself to giving students hands-on training instead of just classroom learning. In one of my marketing classes, I got to work with a real client. Our finance lab gives students a chance to work with real trading systems. In my entrepreneurial management class, our team got to simulate the process of starting up a company. We also applied a lot of case studies from real companies in our classes.

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Chris Mason

Dean, Offutt School of Business; Associate Professor of Finance Offutt School of Business (Office), Business (Offutt School of Business – Academics)