PSEO and Dual Enrollment Program

You are welcome to apply for either part-time or full-time PSEO status for Fall 2024 or Spring 2025. However, due to classroom capacities, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate the courses you request.

Minnesota high school juniors and seniors can complete high school requirements and earn free college credits by taking courses at Concordia College through our Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program. PSEO encourages rigorous educational pursuits and provides a wider variety of course options to high school students. For Minnesota residents admitted to the PSEO program, the state of Minnesota and Concordia College cover tuition, books, and standard fees. 

Concordia also has a dual enrollment agreement with Park Christian School in Moorhead and Oak Grove Lutheran School in Fargo, N.D., which allows North Dakota residents attending Oak Grove to participate in part-time PSEO. Students admitted to our dual enrollment program are allowed to take one course per semester at a cost and are responsible for paying for their course materials and books. *Please complete a separate form if coming from Park Christian or Oak Grove High School by requesting this via email to the Office of Admission ( or simply apply and an admission rep will forward it to you.

Application Requirements and How to Apply

  1. Complete and submit the free online application (by May 30 for a fall start) with PSEO as your student type.
  2. Self-report your ACT scores on the application or submit your scores to our office (optional; not required for admission).
  3. Request an official high school transcript to be sent to our Admission Office (must include semester 1/quarter 2 grades).

All applications and application materials must be received before the deadlines. Applications will be reviewed once complete for both full-time and part-time enrollment. Students should expect to hear back within two weeks. Admission decisions are sent by mail. Returning PSEO students must submit a new application each academic year and an updated PSEO state form each semester.

PSEO Deadlines

All application materials must be submitted by May 30, 2024, to begin PSEO in Fall 2024. Classes begin Aug. 28.

Students interested in starting Spring 2025 will need to submit all application materials by Nov. 15, 2024. Classes begin Jan. 9.

Application Materials

To participate in PSEO, you must have the following to our Admission Office before the PSEO deadline:


All PSEO students — whether attending part time or full time — will work with Concordia's PSEO program coordinator, Kaleen Krueger, through the PSEO admission process.

Full-Time PSEO

Any 12th grade student who is a Minnesota resident and attends a Minnesota school may apply for full-time PSEO admission. Full-time students are allowed to take 3-4 courses each semester. Students wishing to participate would apply in the spring of their junior year once semester one/quarter two grades are posted. ACT scores are preferred but not required for admission. Full-time PSEO is like starting your freshman year of college early — students will participate in orientation, live on campus, and can participate in campus activities.

Part-Time PSEO

Any 11th or 12th grade student who is a Minnesota resident and attends a Minnesota school may apply for part-time PSEO admission. Part-time students are allowed to take one to two on-campus courses each semester. Students wishing to participate would apply in the spring of their sophomore or junior year once semester one/quarter two grades are posted.

Concordia has a similar agreement for students attending Park Christian School in Moorhead and Oak Grove in Fargo, N.D. The program is called dual enrollment and the application process remains the same.

Additional Info for PSEO Students

PSEO students are eligible to take 100 and 200 level courses. Most courses are offered on campus during the day; however, some evening and online classes are available. Due to state guidelines, PSEO students are unable to take religion courses. Concordia also restricts students from taking courses that require additional fees or include required travel/study abroad as part of the course. Students are expected to work with their high school to ensure the courses they’re taking fulfill high school graduation requirements and that schedules are compatible. Most Concordia courses are 4 credits. PSEO students who wish to make changes to their Concordia courses after registration should contact the Registrar’s Office.

PSEO students receive a campus parking permit and are responsible for transportation to and from courses at Concordia. Students should follow the college’s academic calendar — even when their high school is closed. Because the majority of students either live on campus or off campus near Concordia, most are able to attend classes in inclement weather. Classes are typically held and the college remains open. There will be times when the college may be forced to cancel classes or close due to the severity of weather conditions.

Students should always monitor their college email or the college website for campus notices. If the college is open, students will be expected to attend courses but are encouraged to use their own discretion for safety. Regular attendance and participation in class is crucial to a student’s success. Students should note that their grade in a course may be affected by excessive absences. They are expected to communicate with their professors regarding absences.

PSEO students are not able to participate in music ensembles or on one of our DIII athletic teams. However, they are welcome to be involved in student organizations, attend events, and utilize resources on campus such as the Center for Student Success for tutoring and writing support. Students can also request a fob so they can access campus buildings and resources such as the library, skyway, and academic buildings. *Only full-time PSEO students are welcome to participate in music ensembles.

PSEO students are expected to follow our Academic Progress Policy

Normal progress is defined as achieving a 2.0 GPA per semester and satisfactorily meeting the other fixed requirements of the college. The committee reserves the right to place a student on academic probation as a consequence of an extremely poor semester. Students may be dismissed from the PSEO program if their performance falls below normal progress.


Kaleen Quintero

Senior Assistant Director of Admission; PSEO Program Coordinator Admission