Enrollment Program

Being a PSEO student at Concordia is like starting your first year of college early. You'll work with your high school counselor to ensure that the college courses you take at Concordia will also fulfill any remaining high school graduation requirements. 

Full-time PSEO students usually start at the beginning of the fall semester. Students interested in fall 2022 PSEO must submit all application materials by Monday, May 30, 2022. However, because full-time PSEO students are able to register for classes along with our first-year students and have to work with their high school on their plans, many full-time students have all their materials submitted much sooner.

Eligibility and Requirements

Students in 12th grade who attend a Minnesota public high school and are Minnesota residents may be eligible to take 12-17 credits (3-4 college-level courses at the 100 or 200 level) as a full-time PSEO student. Students who are admitted as full time typically have a 3.5 cumulative GPA or above. We welcome eligible students to apply. Each application is reviewed individually and additional application materials, including test scores, will be considered.

Full-time PSEO students are expected to participate in our traditional Orientation program for first-year students, are required to live on campus (or apply for an exemption), and can participate in all activities on campus (except NCAA DIII athletic programs).

PSEO students are only eligible to register for courses offered at Concordia College. PSEO students are not eligible to participate in Tri-College.


Full-time PSEO students register for fall just like our incoming first-year students. All full-time students will enroll in an Inquiry Seminar, which also determines the Orientation Club they’ll participate in. All students will be contacted about fall semester registration in mid-spring. Full-time students, though not degree-seeking, often work with an advisor in their intended major for spring semester registration. Students are not eligible to register until their Minnesota Department of Education PSEO form is received prior to each semester. A typical semester schedule consists of 15-17 credits. Students must deposit or submit their intent to enroll before they can register for classes.


Full-time PSEO students, though not degree-seeking, are matched with an academic advisor in their intended major or area of interest for second semester registration. If they have not identified a major they are interested in, they will be assigned to the assistant registrar or a library faculty member for advising. While Concordia works with PSEO students and their school counselors to ensure that coursework fulfills high school graduation requirements, the responsibility for completing those requirements rests on the student.


All new students are required to live on campus at Concordia for their first four semesters. Full-time PSEO students are also expected to live on campus under this policy. Should they decide to stay at Concordia after high school graduation, their year of living on campus as a PSEO student will count toward their four semesters. Students who plan to live with a parent/guardian are able to apply for an exemption to this policy if they choose. Once students are accepted at Concordia, making a $300 deposit (prepayment of room + board) reserves their place in a residence hall and in the incoming class. PSEO students are able to search for a roommate using our MyHousing tool.


Cost and Financial Aid

Tuition, fees, and books are paid for by the state of Minnesota and Concordia College. Full time PSEO students are also not charged an Orientation Fee, but are invited to participate in Orientation. Students and their families are responsible for room, board, and additional expenses such as consumable art supplies, music lessons, etc. Students are not eligible for other forms of state or federal financial aid assistance until they have graduated from high school. Many PSEO families utilize the monthly payment option to pay for room and board. The Financial Aid Office can also help families navigate alternative loan options if necessary (finaid@cord.edu).


We are glad that many full-time PSEO students continue at Concordia to complete their bachelor’s degree. Students are eligible for financial aid and scholarships if they decide to stay at Concordia. Please note that this is not an automatic process; students must apply for first-year admission to continue at Concordia and must submit a FAFSA to receive additional aid.


Students interested in full-time PSEO will work with the first-year admission representative who is assigned to their high school.

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