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Pivotal Experience in Applied Knowledge (PEAK) opportunities challenge students to apply classroom fundamentals to real-world experiences. All students graduate with at least two PEAK experiences which can be internships, special courses, global learning opportunities, or service projects.

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Environmental Engagement

A native of Texas, assistant professor Dr. Jennifer Sweatman joined the Concordia faculty five years ago to teach environmental studies and has since engaged with the region’s environment alongside students.

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Rewarding Research

Continuing his passion for research, senior Zach Strickland spent his summer in Sioux Falls, S.D., working to better understand a rare neurodegenerative disease.

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Mapping Her Future

As an environmental and sustainability studies major, Olivia Vergin ’22 has gained valuable experience through an internship with Moorhead Public Service.

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Grad Receives Heimarck Healthcare Award

As a healthcare finance intern, recent graduate Claire Holland ’21 applies the skills she learned from internships and classroom curriculum to help those in need of affordable healthcare.

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