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Pivotal Experience in Applied Knowledge (PEAK) opportunities challenge students to apply classroom fundamentals to real-world experiences. All students graduate with at least two PEAK experiences, which can be internships, special courses, global learning opportunities, or service projects.

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Treasuring the Moments

Marketing major Madison Wagner ’24 shares her transformative experience moving from Oregon to Moorhead and opportunities as a student leader on campus.

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Destined to Change

Act Six leadership scholar Jesus Gonzalez ’25 reflects on his journey to Concordia and his year as the student body president.

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Faith + Learning in an Entrepreneurial World

Cobber hockey player Kevin Ness ’24 shares his valuable experiences as a finance major and Barry Scholar in the Offutt School of Business.

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From Page to Stage

Deeply engaged in a passion for linguistic justice, senior Tyler Clark presented his influential research at the London International Conference on Education.

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