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Pivotal Experience in Applied Knowledge (PEAK) opportunities challenge students to apply classroom fundamentals to real-world experiences. All students graduate with at least two PEAK experiences, which can be internships, special courses, global learning opportunities, or service projects.

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Mathematics: A Unique Art Form

Driven to create opportunities for his students, assistant professor of mathematics Dr. Mark Causapin applied for a National Science Foundation grant that covers tuition costs for 16 math education majors during their last two years at Concordia.

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Driven By Experience

Career focused and determined, Isaiah Johnson ’22 shares how his internship at Revo Health gave him crucial work experience and connections.

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Fueling Students for Success

Cobber Food Pantry reduces the barriers student face with food insecurity.

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From the Heart to the Brain of The Concordia Choir

As the student manager of The Concordia Choir, Emily Oliversen ’22 shares her experience preparing for the annual Christmas concert.

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