Emily Ihde ’19

The music department can prepare you for almost anything music related, especially a performance major. I perform with faculty members, play in both a woodwind and brass quintet, premiere new music, play in unconventional spaces, tour with large ensembles, play in a pit setting, play movie scores, I get asked to play gigs in the community, and the list goes on and on!

“I love the environment of learning – particularly at an undergraduate institution. The opportunity to experience things anew. I enjoy the art of teaching and, especially, seeing students change over the course of four years at Concordia." 

           – Dr. Jeff Meyer, music faculty

Concordia Christmas Concert

Concordia's Emmy Award-winning Christmas Concert, a 92-year tradition, is attended by 18,000 people and enjoyed by thousands of others via television and radio broadcasts each year.

Upcoming Events

Symphony Rocks

Hvidsten Hall of Music, Buxton/Hanson Rehearsal Hall Combined 4 PM