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Mission Statement

The purpose of Concordia College is to influence the affairs of the world by sending into society thoughtful and informed men and women dedicated to the Christian life.

Learn. Work. Lead. 

Rooted in a strong liberal arts foundation, Learn | Work | Lead embodies the educational experience at Concordia. Through this experience, Concordia graduates will be prepared to face life’s unscripted challenges and thoughtfully influence the affairs of the world.


Learning at Concordia centers on DISCOVERY. From challenges in the classroom to moments of epiphany in the lab, in a musical ensemble, or hands-on learning — students begin to discover they can achieve more than they ever thought possible.


Concordia students build on their learning to pursue their passions through ACTION — taking on undergraduate research, creating art, participating in athletics, completing a nursing clinical, or a semester as a student teacher. Work joins us together with others who have different perspectives, in action for the good of others.


Each day, Concordia students are challenged to ENGAGE their learning to become the type of leaders the world needs now. Students develop leadership skills through classroom work and engagement in campus organizations and activities through both small and big acts of leadership. Opportunities to lead present themselves each day, helping the student to grow in ways that serve their neighbors and support the communities they love.

That is the VALUE of a Concordia education.


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Cobber Connections


With more than 35,000 alumni across the nation and the globe, the Cobber community extends well beyond the borders of our campus.

We call it the worldwide Cobber network and its benefits include access to mentors, leads on internships and jobs, and lots of expert advice. Plus, many loyal alumni support the college financially each year — which helps to offset the cost of attendance for current and future students. 

Anh Nguyen ’21

The friendliness of people around campus makes me feel comfortable and at home. I love the great connections that I have formed with friends and faculty here.


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Intellect + Faith

As a college of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Concordia is strongly rooted in the tradition of free inquiry and dialogue. We believe that our faith liberates us to question assumptions and examine information with a critical eye. We welcome students from a variety of faith and nonfaith backgrounds, and we value the diverse perspectives that everyone brings to our learning community.


Recognizing that a transformative education calls us to learn across difference, Concordia has established several priorities to affirm diversity of identities, experiences, and perspectives as a condition of institutional excellence, leading all who study and work here to honor difference with respectful understanding and to practice courageous citizenship for the common good. 

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