Mission Statement

The purpose of Concordia College is to influence the affairs of the world by sending into society thoughtful and informed men and women dedicated to the Christian life.

Ready for Anything

Learning + Doing

A strong foundation in the liberal arts runs through the entire curriculum. Plus, all students complete two of our signature integrative learning experiences (PEAKs) where the focus is on active learning that occurs outside of the traditional classroom. Some PEAK options include: assuming one of several student leadership roles, taking a non-traditional semester-long course, embarking on a three-week trip abroad or participating in an intensive week-long experience.

Cobber Connections

With 32,000 alumni across the nation and the globe, the Cobber community extends well beyond the borders of our campus.

We call it the worldwide Cobber network and its benefits include access to mentors, leads on internships/jobs and lots of expert advice. Plus, many loyal alumni support the college financially each year – which helps to offset the cost of attendance for current and future students. 

Jason Montonye '18

I chose Concordia to receive an amazing education and ensure that my best future could become a reality. I got so much more because of the relationships I built with my (football) teammates.

Intellect + Faith

As a college of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Concordia is strongly rooted in the tradition of free inquiry and dialogue. We believe that our faith liberates us to question assumptions and examine information with a critical eye. We welcome students from a variety of faith and nonfaith backgrounds, and we value the diverse perspectives that everyone brings to our learning community.

History and Traditions