Concordia's Mission

The purpose of Concordia College is to influence the affairs of the world by sending into society thoughtful and informed men and women dedicated to the Christian life.

Who We Are

Concordia is a global liberal arts college rooted in the Lutheran intellectual tradition. We are an open and respectful community that nurtures students in their quest for authentic identity and life purpose. Concordia welcomes students from all spiritual and cultural backgrounds and seeks to prepare them for the great work of life.

What We Do  

At Concordia, we seek to educate students in every aspect of their lives. Concordia's mission highlights our commitment to the Lutheran academic tradition. These include:

  • Discern vocation and cultivate lives of meaning and purpose in service to the neighbor.
  • Seek truth and ask hard questions, with nothing off limits for inquiry and critique. We encourage students to discover and explore their passionate convictions through civil discourse.
  • Recognize that the complexities of life demand more than either/or thinking and simple answers. We embrace intellectual humility in the face of paradox and ambiguity.
  • Nurture relationships, build community, and seek to mutually understand one another in the pursuit of learning, as a model for responsible engagement in the world. 
  • Offer a distinct approach to learning by discussing faith and reason and linking the liberal arts, professional studies, and civic engagement.

Rooted in our Lutheran identity, we respond to the generosity of God by reaching out to our neighbor with faith rooted in love. By cultivating a community that is open to all, we seek to build peace through understanding and serve the world together.

ELCA Statement

Be Responsibly Engaged in the World (BREW)

BREW is a core value rooted in the hearts of our students from their first day on campus through graduation.

Beyond the classroom, Concordia students find many ways to BREW.

Graduate Successes

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Interdisciplinary Interests

From Concordia to Yale Divinity School, Riley Erlandson ’21 embraces the interdisciplinary nature of a liberal arts education as she continues her studies in religion and ecology.

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