Concordia welcomes students from diverse backgrounds who seek to understand what it means to live in a global society and are passionate about making a difference in their communities.

Concordia's Mission

The purpose of Concordia College is to influence the affairs of the world by sending into society thoughtful and informed men and women dedicated to the Christian life.

To Lead and Serve

Concordia fosters a culture of responsible engagement with the community and the world with an emphasis of serving others. After students graduate, they'll have a strong sense of how to engage within the world continually throughout their life. Integrating unique learning experiences into a student's four-year Concordia experience is evidence of our long-running commitment to using a liberal arts foundation to prepare leaders for a world of change. 

Concordia's mission highlights our commitment to the Lutheran academic tradition. These include:

  • freedom to search for truth, with nothing off limits for inquiry and critique.
  • education in the liberal arts as the best preparation for leadership.
  • excellence in all we do.
  • the engagement of faith and learning as a creative dialogue, where inquiry and scholarship enlighten religious life and faith practice enriches the educational experience.
  • intellectual humility in the face of the paradoxes and ambiguities of life.

The Lutheran theological tradition emphasizes that we are all called to serve our neighbor and care for creation in response to God’s love.

Responsibly Engaged in the World (BREW)

BREW is a core value rooted in the hearts of our students from their first day on campus through graduation.

Beyond the classroom, Concordia students find many ways to BREW.

Graduate Successes

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BREWing Where You Are

From roasting coffee on a stovetop to becoming a leading in-home coffee source, SK Coffee is changing the way consumers enjoy their cup of joe in the morning.

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Protecting the Future with the National Audubon Society

Kelly Knutson ’15, who is now based in Troy, N.Y., is a field organizer for the National Audubon Society. You would likely catch him wearing a flannel shirt, coffee in hand, advocating for renewable energy or foraging for mushrooms.

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