The Center for Interfaith Engagement, part of the Office of Mission and Inclusion, works to advance Concordia College’s Interfaith Cooperation Statement.

Concordia College practices interfaith cooperation because of its Lutheran dedication to prepare thoughtful and informed global citizens who foster wholeness and hope, build peace through understanding, and serve the world together.

The center’s purpose is to influence the affairs of the world by sending forth into our communities engaged, knowledgeable, and skillful interfaith leaders dedicated to building a world more joyful and just.

The Center for Interfaith Engagement achieves its mission by building institutional capacity in the following areas:

  • Interfaith Knowledge
  • Interfaith Skills
  • Interfaith Community

The center is part of the Office of Mission and Inclusion ecosystem and serves as a central networking hub for these efforts, providing a space where coordination, support, and synergy can thrive.

Center Director: Dr. Anne Mocko, Associate Professor of Religion (

Interfaith Studies

Concordia's interdisciplinary interfaith studies minor — one of the first and only degrees of its kind nationwide — complements any major. Whatever career path students pursue — business, health care, social work, or education, among others — the minor gives students the crucial knowledge and skills needed to engage a religiously diverse world.


Dr. Anne T. Mocko

Associate Professor, Religion; Director of Interfaith Engagement Religion