We offer one-on-one visits with professional staff members, tutoring in specific subjects, college success courses, and writing assistance. In addition to academic support (at no additional cost!), Orientation and First-Year Transition Programming are housed in the CSS.

Individual Academic Support

Our professional staff members can help all students define their academic goals and make a plan to reach them. We can suggest strategies and techniques to help students succeed. Some areas we can explore include: understanding your learning style, picking a major, time management, and honing your reading, studying, test preparation and test-taking skills.


Center for Student Success tutors provide content tutoring in a variety of subject areas and help students find effective study strategies for specific academic programs. Tutors are recommended by faculty members and complete a thorough training program to make sure they are well prepared to assist students. Small group and walk-in opportunities are all available.

Writing Assistance

All Cobbers are invited to meet one-on-one with a peer writing assistant to strengthen academic papers and writing ability. Staff can help with any stage or aspect of the writing process.


The DRIVE program helps you make a positive transition from high school to college. During your first semester, you will unlock academic tips and resources and receive direct advisement from a personal academic coach. You’ll also have access to tutors, writing assistants and peer mentors who can help you be at your best and settle in to campus life.

What Cobbers say about tutoring:

  • I really enjoyed knowing I had someone to turn to with questions.
  • I really benefited from having someone slow down with me and explain each step in depth.
  • My tutor was always very open to questions and you never felt like she didn't care.
  • I enjoyed being able to test my understanding of a subject based on if I could “teach” the others in my tutoring group.
  • My tutor read our research paper multiple times and gave us effective tips in improving it.
  • I liked the atmosphere of tutoring. We could discuss ideas that were confusing, ask questions on homework, and try and explain concepts on our own. All of which really helped me grasp the material better.

Center for Student Success