College success takes both passion and drive, and Concordia's DRIVE program will help you make a positive transition from high school to college. During your first year, you will learn academic tips and get support from a professional academic counselor in the Center for Student Success who will serve as your first-year advisor. You’ll also have access to subject and writing center tutors who can help you be at your best and settle in to campus life. You will meet other new Cobbers and learn what it takes to be successful in college and work with Concordia faculty and staff who care about you and your future. 

DRIVE Students:

  • Take a series of courses during their first year focused on college learning and success strategies.
  • Meet regularly with their advisor who specializes in supporting students in their academic success.
  • Have full access to the support services provided by the Center for Student Success and other campus resources.
  • Develop friendships with other DRIVE students that often last throughout a student's college career.

What former DRIVE students have said:

  •       "My DRIVE instructor has made such a friendly environment where we can all express what we need in order to learn and grow. She has been such an amazing help coming to college!”
  •   "I appreciate the time spent in class learning about learning strategies.”
  • “[INQ 102] is and probably will always be my favorite class throughout my time here.”
  • “I learned so much about myself, my strengths, and how to navigate school in a way where I can be successful. My advisor…went above and beyond to help me, as well as my classmates, have the best possible experience at Concordia.”


Concordia’s DRIVE program is an opportunity to learn the best success strategies and insights at the very beginning of your college career. DRIVE stands for determination, resilience, initiative, vision and empowerment. You will be able to foster these characteristics through intentional advising relationships and classroom opportunities.

Students in DRIVE take a 1-credit course in the fall (INQ 101), and a 1-credit course in the spring (INQ 102), have an advisor who is a professional academic counselor in the Center for Student Success, and have additional access to campus resources.

By participating in DRIVE, you are guaranteed a place in our two, one-credit college success courses, as well as direct advisement from a professional academic counselor. 

The Admission Committee selects students who they feel would most benefit from the strategies and insights gained in DRIVE. Sometimes students have a lower high school GPA or ACT score. Some students experienced challenges or barriers in high school that negatively impacted their academic progress. Regardless of the reason you have been selected, the Concordia community recognizes the strengths and talents you’ll bring to campus. We are eager to partner with you as you strive to reach your college goals.

Please contact your admission representative with specific questions regarding your unique circumstances or if you were not initially selected for DRIVE and want to participate.

Approximately 50 incoming students participate in DRIVE each year.

DRIVE is required for selected students because it provides the strategies and support that help with a successful transition from high school to college.

There is no additional cost to participate in DRIVE.

All DRIVE students commit to regular class attendance and regular meetings with their advisor, a professional academic counselor. Together, you will determine what other campus opportunities and resources would best position you for college success.


Center for Student Success