Health and wellness not only relates to your physical body. Your emotional health is just as important. On campus, there are several resources to help you reach your health goals – mentally, physically, and spiritually. Finding your balance between working hard and taking care of your body and mind is key to a successful college experience.

Self-Care Tips for College Students

College is exciting but demanding. Whether you need a break from studying or fresh ideas to incorporate into your routine, here are self-care practices that may prevent burnout.

It's OK to recognize you need some extra help and ask for it. Whether you want help balancing or addressing the emotional, social, or educational parts of your life, Concordia has a Center for Holistic Health on campus that will help and support you.

Services are completely free for all enrolled students. You can request an appointment online.

Ways to Stay Active

Concordia has options for staying active. Check out athletics, intramurals, and workout facilities here.


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Katie Nystuen

Health Services Coordinator Center for Holistic Health, Health Services