Being in college is exciting but demanding. Your academic and extracurricular obligations may feel continual as you live in a community with others. This time of your life requires a great deal of you, so be patient with yourself and the process of growing, changing, and healing. Your college years are full of transition, adjustment, and expectation – as well as adventure and abundance of promise for the future.

To help during your college years (and beyond), you may want to try these self-care practices. Remember that these strategies are recommendations only and do not substitute for professional care when needed.

  • Keep a structured routine as much as possible.

  • Make sleep a priority. Most college students don’t get enough sleep, and sleep deprivation is a major contributor to symptoms of depression and anxiety.

  • Getting some type of exercise each day is good for your brain and your body. Walking to class or the dining center instead of driving is a great way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

  • If possible, turn to your friends, family, or resident assistant for support.

  • Take time to listen to music, read a book, or be creative. Learning to make time and space for fun and relaxation is vital in your ability to maintain balance throughout the semester.

  • Practice relaxation techniques. Sit or lie down comfortably in a quiet space.

Activities for health and wellness:

  • Talk to a friend via FaceTime or text.

  • Invite a floormate for coffee on campus or at a coffee shop in the area.

  • Create something.

  • Take a walk through campus and breathe in the fresh air.

  • Set up a playlist of songs that make you want to dance.

  • Join a club.

  • Purchase some houseplants for your windowsill.

  • Write a list of what you like about yourself, truths you want to be reminded of, or things that make you feel hopeful or grounded.

Notice when you need help and be willing to reach out. The Center for Holistic Health on campus is available to help you balance the emotional, social, and educational aspects of life. Services are completely free for all enrolled students. For more information, stop by Old Main 109A, call 218.299.3514, or request an appointment online.

Self-Care Tips During COVID

Published March 2021