The interdisciplinary interfaith studies minor is the perfect supplement for any major, as it gives students the knowledge and skills needed to engage a religiously diverse world and be literate global citizens. Whatever career path students choose to pursue — whether business or health care, social work or psychology, among others — an understanding of the world's diverse religious and cultural traditions is essential. The interfaith studies minor includes a hands-on internship/practicum as well as exciting opportunities for experiential learning, interfaith service and cooperation, and genuine encounter with the interfaith neighbor — a curriculum designed to help graduates build peace and pluralism through mutual understanding.

Degree Requirements and Courses

Required Courses

Additional Requirements

One interfaith studies course, selected from the following (4 credits):

A student can petition to use a 390 or 490 from another discipline (with permission of a faculty advisor/supervisor from that discipline and the approval of the interfaith studies minor co-chairs) if the practicum involves work or activity relating to interfaith cooperation or religious diversity.

8 additional credits from the following interfaith studies non-religion courses:

Robyn Adams '16

The interfaith studies minor at Concordia taught me the practical skills to interact with people from diverse religious backgrounds on a personal and professional level.

Forum on Faith and Life: Signature Speakers Series

Upcoming Speaker: Valarie Kaur

7 p.m. Tuesday | Nov. 9, 2021


Join us for an evening with Valarie Kaur, a renowned civil rights leader, Sikh American activist, lawyer, award-winning filmmaker, founder of the Revolutionary Love Project and best-selling author of SEE NO STRANGER: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love.

Interfaith Skills for a Diverse World

Concordia Interfaith Scholar Leslie Bellwood ’15 has found that information about the ingredients in medications is becoming increasingly important for doctors and their patients to know and understand.

Faith & Spirituality

4 Min Read

Spirituality For All

Nick McGinley '23, Brooklyn Park, Minn., shares his exploration of spiritual life at Concordia and how all are invited to engage in their own way.

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9 Min Read

Bridging Connections

As an Interfaith Scholar, activist, and future lawyer, Avyan Mejdeen ’22 is organizing change on campus, in the community, and across the nation.

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