Cobber Ring

The Cobber ring is the second most recognized ring in the country. Cobbers young and old recognize one another when they see them, and they connect alumni far and wide. Rings are ordered in students’ junior or senior years and are a long-standing tradition at the college.

Corn Feeds

Cobbers love their corn. But what they love even more is connecting with other Cobbers. Each year, corn feeds are held around the country (and sometimes even overseas) because there are Cobbers everywhere.

The Beanie

Receiving a Cobber beanie is a rite of passage for every student. Personalized beanies are given to first-year and transfer students at the Orientation Welcome Show and most Cobbers keep theirs far past their time at Concordia.


Cornstock is Concordia’s annual end-of-the-year concert, a take on the legendary 1969 event, Woodstock. It is a highlight of the academic year for both those who attend and those who work behind the scenes.

Cobber Traditions

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Concordia Then and Now

A look into Concordia College’s past, reveling in the changes to the structures that have shaped the campus into what it is today.

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Welcoming New Cobbers

In his role as the 2020 Orientation Chair, Carson Selander ’21 hopes to help first-year students transition into the Concordia community.

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