We live in a digital age where technology impacts nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Rooted in the liberal arts of Concordia College, a Bachelor of Arts degree in computer science will open doors to virtually any technology-related career imaginable — even careers that do not yet exist.

Program Options

Major in Computer Science

Computer science majors choose one or more specialized concentrations based on where they want to focus their career. Concentrations include:

  •         Computing
  •         Cybersecurity (new in Fall 2024)
  •         Data Analytics

Minor in Computer Science

The computer science minor complements most majors. Students may not major and minor in computer science.

Minor in Cybersecurity Administration

Beginning in Fall 2024, students have the option of adding a cybersecurity administration minor. Students can complete this minor and the computer science major.

Minor in Data Analytics

The data analytics minor complements most majors. Students may not complete this minor with the data analytics concentration of the computer science major or the new data science major.

Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Data Analytics

New in 2024, students can earn an undergraduate certificate in applied data analytics. This certificate will equip students with the practical knowledge and skills essential for thriving in data-centric fields.

Major in Data Science

Beginning in Fall 2024, students can earn a major in data science. Adding a minor or second major is attainable with this program; however, students may not complete this major with the data analytics concentration of the computer science major due to significant overlap in coursework.

Degree Requirements and Courses

Iyanu Lamina ’25

What drew me to computer science and data analytics is how they challenge your ability and I love challenges.

The Offutt School of Business Difference

As a computer science major or minor in the Offutt School of Business, you’ll study in the Parke Innovation Lab, where you’ll have access to the latest industry technology and tools. This sandbox environment provides a space for hands-on experience in software development, computer networking, and server administration.

Program Overview

Computer science majors engage in core classes like fundamental programming concepts, database management, and web application development.

As you learn more about computer science and the path you want your career to take, you’ll focus on one of three concentrations: computing, cybersecurity, or data analytics.

  • The computing concentration focuses on software engineering and operating systems, along with exploration options in areas such as artificial intelligence and mobile application development.
  • The data analytics concentration focuses on data mining and visualization, forecasting, and statistical models.
  • The cybersecurity concentration (new in Fall 2024!) focuses on computer networks, cyber forensics, and ethical hacking.

Beyond the Classroom

From there, you can participate in work-study opportunities in software engineering, cybersecurity and IT services, data analytics, and more. You can also volunteer for an area nonprofit in the technology space, join our Computer Science Society student organization, participate in varsity esports, and engage in countless cocurricular activities and events across campus.

Graduate Successes

When you graduate, your career can take any number of paths. Concordia’s computer science graduates have found jobs as software engineers, data analysts, systems administrators, information security analysts, web or mobile application developers, network security engineers, and database developers.

Hired! Concordia computer science graduates are employed by a variety of companies, including:

Global, Ethical, Entrepreneurial

Founded on the pillars of transformative leadership, global engagement, ethical decision-making, and an entrepreneurial mindset, the Offutt School of Business is dedicated to sending into society thoughtful and informed business leaders with a strong moral compass. Our students attend classes in a state-of-the-art facility and participate in cutting-edge curriculum that allows them to think critically and network globally.