6. Health Forms

Immunization forms are mandatory and were mailed to your home address and are also available for download, as are the required student-athlete forms.

7. Complete the Sexual Assault Prevention Training

This video-based program will provide crucial information about Consent, Bystander Intervention, Sexual Harassment, Intimate Partner Violence, Stalking, and much more. This online training course will help you better understand how important these issues are and what you can do to help make our campus safer. 


All incoming students are required to complete this program.


9. Get Your Textbooks

Required course materials are provided free of charge to Minnesota residents/high school students enrolled in Concordia’s PSEO program.

North Dakota residents attending Park Christian or Oak Grove are responsible for purchasing their course materials. Course material must be purchased online via the Cobber Bookstore or another source. The Cobber Bookstore does not have course material available for purchase in the store. 

11. Move in to Your Dorm

Move-in Day is Sunday, Aug. 25, 2024!

12. Attend Fall Orientation

Being a full-time PSEO student is like starting your first year of college. Students will participate in our Orientation program right alongside our first-year students. Among the first things you'll do is meet your Clubbies, who will also be your classmates. You'll participate in various activities throughout the week to prepare for the Cobber life. All full-time PSEO students are automatically opted into participating in this exciting event as you transition to life as a Cobber.


Still have questions? These resources are a good place to start.