Students applying for undergraduate admission are no longer required to submit a standardized test score (ACT or SAT) as part of their application.

How to Apply

When completing the online application, students will indicate their admission process preference (standard or test optional). Students who select test-optional admission may be asked to submit additional information from five categories in lieu of the ACT or SAT score.

Upon receipt of additional materials, a committee from the Admission Office and Center for Student Success will evaluate the student’s high school transcript and all materials in the test-optional admission process.

Application Materials

Students choosing to apply for admission without the submission of test scores may be asked to provide alternate materials for review. Options for additional information may include but are not limited to:

  • A graded assignment from any course completed in high school. The course content will be selected by the Office of Admission and evaluate a particular academic subject area in question. Multiple graded assignments may be required to evaluate more than one academic subject area.
  • The submission of a general essay broadly addressing the student’s preparation for college-level academic work at Concordia.
  • The submission of grades from the student’s seventh or eighth semester of high school coursework.
  • A reference letter from a high school teacher.
  • An in-person interview with an admission representative at Concordia.

Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarships will be awarded to test-optional admitted students based solely on their high school GPA. For admitted students who choose the standard admission process, merit scholarships are based on either high school GPA or test score – whichever is greater.

How to Submit Test Scores

Students who choose to apply through the standard admission process and submit ACT or SAT scores can do so by including Concordia’s code (ACT: 2104 or SAT: 6113) during the registration process.