Sustainability involves dealing with real-world, complex issues, calling on students to develop the analytical and problem-solving skills that they need to thrive in their careers and as citizens.

Concordia students engage in sustainability and conservation efforts both in and outside the classroom. In this summer course, Cobbers tackled a problem facing many communities: with traditional sources of energy projected to become more scarce — and more expensive — how can cities secure their energy futures?

The opportunities to get involved with sustainability efforts don't end there. Explore the many ways students at Concordia combine theory from the classroom with practical experience.


High Impact Leadership Trips (HILTs) are student-led, student-planned trips that focus on local and global sustainability issues by bringing students directly to the people and places that can teach them the most.

Student Environmental Alliance

Through campus campaigns and education, events, political action, and more, SEA provides students with an opportunity to engage in practical sustainability actions in their own community.

Eco Representatives

The Eco-Reps Program enables students to take a leadership role in their dorm, giving them support as they work to promote sustainable living among their peers.

Learning Sites

Concordia's sustainability learning sites provide opportunities to put sustainability practices to work in the real world. Get your hands dirty and apply theory from the classroom at one of our four field sites.