Hello Cobbers,  

With recent updates to our COVID-19 vaccination requirements (detailed below), the following resource is provided for those seeking medical or religious exemptions.  

Please find the official exemption request form here.  

After completing the form, please submit it to vacexemptreq@cord.edu for review and consideration. 

What are the requirements?  


  • All student athletes are required to be vaccinated, receiving their first dose no later than August 27 and to receive their second dose (if applicable) no later than September 24.  
  • All study away supported by the global learning office and music-related travel continue to require vaccinations.  

Starting Spring 2022 Semester (January 6, 2022):  
  • All students will be required to be fully vaccinated. This comes after the Food and Drug Administration has now fully approved Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine. This decision replaces the emergency use authorization granted by the FDA last December.   

Vaccination Opportunity Today – 8/26/2021 
Clay County Public Health             
715 11th St. N.  
Suite 105 
Moorhead, MN 56560 

We appreciate your support in our efforts to keep our campus community safe.  

Thank you,  

The President’s Cabinet