Dear Students,   

To respond to the rapid rise in COVID cases, we are updating our procedures for isolating positive student cases and quarantining close contacts. We are using a 10-day isolation and quarantine period due to the number of cases on campus. However, this change will be reviewed by January 31. The following is a summary of changes. There is much more detailed information on our COVID Updates page.    


  • If you test positive, isolate for 10 days from onset of symptoms or date of positive test if asymptomatic. Do not attend in-person class, work, or activities. Do not have guests.  
    • On-campus students in traditional dorms will be moved to separate housing, and meals will be delivered.  
      • On the sixth day, on- and off-campus students can get grab-and-go food but must wear a tight-fitting mask.   
  • If symptoms are improving, and you have been fever-free for the past 24-hours, you can fully end isolation on day 11.   


*Please note, our normal practice is to send out notifications to classrooms, athletic teams, and other groups when there is a potential exposure. However, due to the influx of positive cases, we have been unable to send out timely notifications to close contacts. If you are aware that you are a close contact, follow the instructions below. Call Helpline if your directions are to quarantine or if you are unsure of what category you fall into.   

  • Anyone experiencing symptoms should quarantine.  
  • If you are unvaccinated, you will need to quarantine for 10 days.  
  • If you are not up-to-date with your vaccination, meaning you have completed your initial vaccine series but have not yet gotten a booster if you are already eligible (based on this timeline), you will need to quarantine for 10 days.  
  • If you are not experiencing symptoms and are up-to-date with your COVID vaccination, meaning you have received your full vaccine series PLUS your booster if you are eligible, you DO NOT need to quarantine.  
    • You will still need to wear a tight-fitting mask for 10 days. Get tested 5-7 days after the last date of possible exposure.  
  • If you are not experiencing COVID symptoms, and if you have recovered from a lab-confirmed COVID-19 case in the past 90 days, you DO NOT need to quarantine.  
    • You will still need to wear a tight-fitting mask for 10 days. Get tested 5-7 days after the last date of possible exposure.   

If you are a close contact, test positive, or begin experiencing symptoms, call the COVID Helpline at (701) 730-8304 for further direction.    

You can help by doing as much of your own contact tracing as possible.  

The website will be updated to reflect these changes.    

Reminder: Clay County Public Health is hosting a Vaccine/Booster shot clinic Thursday, Jan. 13.  

Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity to bring your vaccination status up to date.   


Your efforts and understanding of changes are greatly appreciated.  


Thank you,  

COVID Response Group