Concordia Students – We are eagerly preparing for a Fall semester of in-person classes and events. One of the best ways for us to promote this vibrant and healthy environment is to have a high rate of vaccination in our campus community. Please read on for important instructions.  

All students are required to fill out an online Student COVID Vaccination Form prior to the start of Fall semester.

  • This form will be sent directly to your Concordia email address on Monday, June 21. The email will come from Concordia Health Services. 
  • The sender will appear as Concordia Health Services <>
  • The subject line will be ‘Action: Submit Your COVID Vaccination Form’ 

On this form, you will either:

  • Provide evidence of your COVID vaccination,
  • Report you do not intend to be vaccinated, or
  • Report that you need assistance accessing the COVID vaccine 

We expect students to be vaccinated, but we also understand there are reasons why a student may not get the vaccine. 

For students who remain unvaccinated, the following expectations must be followed:

  • Return to campus with a negative COVID test (instructions will be sent in August
  • Get tested every two weeks during the academic year and report these results to Health Services
  • Follow campus quarantine protocols if determined to be a close contact to a positive case
  • Follow CDC guidance to wear a mask in classrooms or other public settings
  • Follow CDC recommendations to quarantine after domestic or international travel 

Note: Students are expected to have the COVID vaccine if they plan to travel for any programming offered by the Study Away office and for music-related (e.g., tours, concerts) travel. 

When you receive the Student COVID Vaccination form on Monday, June 21, please fill it out as soon as possible. This information is critical as we continue our plans for Fall semester. We are also sending letters home to families of domestic students (international students, please share this email message with your families).  

To stay up to date with information related to Fall, be sure to visit regularly – and continue to check your Concordia email.  

If you have questions about this vaccination form, please contact the COVID Student Support Team at

- COVID Response GroupÔÇ»