Dear Faculty and Staff,

The COVID Response Group is making adjustments to mitigation measures on campus during the summer. They are as follows:

• Employees will now report positive cases to the COVID Helpline instead of Human Resources. You can email or call 218.299.3891. Calls and emails will only be monitored Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please note, you will still need to contact your supervisor about making any necessary adjustments.  

• The COVID gray banner will remain on Cobbernet but has been removed from the external website. You can still find the website by searching “COVID” and clicking on the maroon box. You can also type “” in the address bar.

• You may request to have Plexiglas removed from workstations.

• For those planning events, space capacity is back to 100%.

• Outdated signage will be removed from buildings.

Hand sanitizer stations will remain available. If refills are needed, please contact facilities.

Our group will continue to meet monthly over the summer and will communicate any potential changes. Questions can be directed to the COVID Helpline.


Thank you,



COVID Response Group