Concordia has established a number of special academic interest programs — we call them cohorts — for incoming students to consider.
All of these programs focus on unique issues that may interest prospective students and provide a variety of valuable benefits to a small group of new students enrolling in Fall 2023.
These programs establish small groups of students that share interests in these various academic programs. These small groups, or cohorts, will form a sense of community, experience unique and compelling events and activities around a shared interest, and take deep dives into issues and ideas they care about.
Please review these programs and consider completing the application process in the area the interests you most.

Interfaith Incubator

The Interfaith Incubator program will welcome 10 select students into a cohort of current and incoming Cobbers. Participants will meet regularly with one another and high-impact leaders to build their knowledge of the world's faith traditions, develop skills to lead in religiously diverse communities and gain access to a network of local and national interfaith leaders.

Emerging Leaders

The Leadership Council Cohort will welcome up to 20 specially designated new students entering Concordia and the Offutt School of Business in Fall 2023. These students will meet regularly to learn about the ongoing challenges and emerging opportunities in the modern American workplace. The Leadership Council Cohort will also have regular and direct access to Mr. Chris Mason, dean of the Offutt School of Business at Concordia. This access will provide new students an opportunity to voice questions about the Offutt School of Business and provide suggestions regarding emerging student interests and opportunities in studying business within the Offutt School.


The Concordia STEM Cohort is open to students of color, new Americans, and other underrepresented students interested in studying either STEM or pre-health fields rooted in the natural sciences. Students selected for the STEM Cohort receive a $6,500 annual scholarship, access to one paid internship over the course of their undergraduate study, and one paid summer research experience in addition to regular professional support and mentoring within the program.