Types of Studio Art


In this vibrant, creative environment, students thrive as they aspire to reach their fullest potential. Personal visions materialize when students hone techniques necessary to capture the vast potential of clay as an expressive medium.


Drawing at Concordia is both a foundations requirement for art majors and a fine arts core curriculum exploration option for non-art majors.


Painting at Concordia is approached in two ways: a combination of the concept of painting, which is the emphasis on the ideas to be communicated; and the craft of painting, which is canvas stretching, priming, preparing and correct use of painting materials. 


Photography offerings at Concordia include beginning and intermediate levels of both traditional (darkroom) and digital photography.


The focus of the printmaking studio is the creation of prints as original works of art. In Printmaking, you will become familiar with the age-old yet fascinating process of printing.


Media and processes include clay, plaster, bronze and jewelry casting, alabaster stone and wood carving, welded metals, mixed media, non-traditional and temporal materials, found object assemblages, and site-specific works.

Degree Requirements and Courses