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Minor in Film Studies

Film is a big part of American culture, reflecting how people interact, communicate, think, and define themselves and the communities in which they live. But what exactly is film studies? It's not about actually making movies or using a camera. Film studies is about learning how films work and learning how to “read” a movie. Picking up a film studies minor gives you a deeper understanding of film and helps you get more marketable communication skills.

Film studies focuses on giving students a critical eye for media, while building your media literacy skills in the process. Through critique and appreciation of film, you can learn to analyze film and the community you live in.

A film studies minor is particularly beneficial for communication studies and philosophy majors, but any major can take away key skills from the available film studies courses.

Degree Requirements and Courses

Careers in Film Studies

A minor in film studies gives you a lot of skills that carry over to a career in the creative industries. When it comes to finding a way to apply a film studies minor to your future career, the sky's the limit.

Unique Opportunities

Concordia College classes are involved in the Fargo Film Festival, a nationally recognized festival that is an amazing place to have your creative work featured. The Concordia film studies program is involved with the film festival and brings in guest speakers to talk to the class.

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Dr. Gregory B. Carlson

Professor, Communication Studies; Program Director, Film Studies; Program Director, Media Studies Communication Studies, Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Multimedia Journalism