Regardless of the medium, it is more important than ever before for journalists to be equipped with the skills to take their own photos, shoot their own videos, and write compelling stories. Concordia’s integrated approach to multimedia journalism will teach you the skills you need to succeed.

Learn from professors who have made a name for themselves in print and video — some of whom still work full time for the local media.

Being able to explore different media options within a single program allowed me to develop areas of weakness I would have otherwise dismissed as well as strengthen already existing skills. I gained the necessary flexibility needed for a field that is increasingly expecting its journalists to understand and produce multimedia work. — Amber Morgan '15

Programs of Study

Major or Minor in Multimedia Journalism

This interdisciplinary program combines art, communication, and English. In fact, many students pair a major in multimedia journalism with a minor in art, communication, English, or political science.

Should I study multimedia journalism?

Successful completion of the major or minor in multimedia journalism will enable you to:

  • Understand the changing role and importance of journalism in modern society
  • Use rich, precise, and illuminating language
  • Construct skillful narratives
  • Find and assess relevant facts, interpret them, and present them in a context that is concise, fair, and accurate
  • Show familiarity with the major ethical and legal issues in journalism

If you value these skills, a major or minor in multimedia journalism may be a great choice for you.

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Dr. Gregory B. Carlson

Professor, Communication Studies; Program Director, Multimedia Journalism; Program Director, Film Studies; Program Director, Media Studies Communication Studies, Environmental and Sustainability Studies