Programs of Study

We have programs to prepare you for clinical or counseling professions, developmental studies, neuroscience, law enforcement or any of a number of other fields and industries.

Major or Minor in Psychology

Studying psychology will prepare you to attend graduate school, work in human services settings and to utilize the concepts and methods in a variety of other careers.

Major in Social Studies Education

An interdisciplinary teacher education program. This will prepare you to teach social studies to students in grades 5-12.

Major or Minor in Neuroscience

Neuroscience studies how the brain and nervous system acquire, process and integrate information from the environment and how this information brings about behavior of an organism.

Social Studies (K-6) 

Optional add-on endorsement for elementary education majors.

Unique Opportunities


Engage with faculty on research projects, as well as several research experiences built into the curriculum. Faculty-student research outside the classroom is a key factor in admission to graduate school. At Concordia, we’ll prepare you well. You may even have the chance to present your research.

Gain Work Experience

Intern at one of numerous healthcare facilities and agencies in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Use your knowledge at a juvenile detention center, Sanford Health, the Fargo Youth Commission, Cass County Social Services, Lakeland Mental Health, North Dakota Autism Center or Prairie St. John’s.

Honors Options

Become a member of Psi Chi, the national psychology honor society, or our campus Psychology Club. We also offer our own honors program, which gives you the chance to plan and complete your own research project.

Megan John '13 on Applying Psychology to Her Current Position

My studies in psychology laid the foundation for a dedication to scientific inquiry, attention to detail, dynamic writing ability and understanding of the human mind. It has provided a unique perspective in my current career.

Careers and Continuing Studies

Positions Held by Our Graduates

Counseling, Juvenile Detention Center, Moorhead // Clinical Research Coordinator, Menninger Clinic // Mental Health Counselor, Owatonna Hospital // Researcher in neuroimaging lab, Hartford Hospital // Pediatric Occupational Therapist at Fraser, Minneapolis // Licensed alcohol and drug counselor at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Allina Health // Crash technician, North Dakota Highway Patrol

Graduate Schools Attended by Our Graduates

University of Chicago // Carnegie Mellon University // University of Iowa // University of Oregon // Purdue University // University of California-Berkeley // University of Minnesota // North Dakota State University 

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Dr. Mikel Olson

Chair/Associate Professor ISC 111