Programs of Study

We have programs to prepare you for clinical or counseling professions, developmental studies, neuroscience, law enforcement or any of a number of other fields and industries.

Major or Minor in Psychology

Studying psychology will prepare you to attend graduate school, work in human services settings and to utilize the concepts and methods in a variety of other careers.

Major or Minor in Neuroscience

Neuroscience studies how the brain and nervous system acquire, process and integrate information from the environment and how this information brings about behavior of an organism.

Major in Social Studies Education

An interdisciplinary teacher education program. This will prepare you to teach social studies to students in grades 5-12.

Social Studies (K-6) 

Optional add-on endorsement for elementary education majors.

Degree Requirements and Courses

Required Courses

Additional Requirements

Experiential Learning – 2 credits taken as NEU 390, NEU 480, or NEU 487. See

4 credits from the following neuroscience electives:

8 credits from the following electives (at least 4 credits must be in a lab science):

Recommended courses:

**The neuroscience major can be completed in 40 credits; however, BIOL 222, BIOL 306, BIOL 352, BIOL 406, BIOL 411, BIOL 412, BIOL 416, BIOL 497, CHEM 128, CHEM 330, CHEM 373, CHEM 374, CHEM 431, MATH 315, MATH 316, DATA 316 and PHYS 112 have prerequisites offered in complementary majors.

PSYC 111 or equivalent is a prerequisite for PSYC 319, PSYC 318, PSYC 361, PSYC 325, and PSYC 327.

NEU 109 and junior or senior standing may be used as the prerequisite for BIOL 336, BIOL 350, and BIOL 402.

Required Courses

Additional Requirements

Behavior and Cognition (4 credits minimum, chosen from the following list of courses):

Physiological Psychology (4 credits minimum, chosen from the following list of courses):

Development and Social Psychology (4 credits minimum, chosen from the following list of courses):

Individual Differences and Applied Psychology (4 credits minimum, chosen from the following list of courses):

Electives: Students will choose additional electives from the areas above or other psychology offerings, such as PSYC 380 – Special Topics, PSYC 480 – Independent Study, and/or they may add PSYC 390 – Cooperative Education, PSYC 300– May Seminar credits or one PEAK in psychology to complete at least 32 credits in psychology.

Required Courses

Additional Requirements

  • 16 additional credits in psychology

Camilla W. Nonterah '05

The liberal arts education and faculty at Concordia helped me transition as an international student from Ghana to the U.S. The psychology faculty were supportive and pushed me to be a better student. My advisor, Dr. Krejci, always made time for me and made me feel valued. I enjoyed my classes, learned to conduct research and had an amazing practicum experience. I’m now an assistant professor of health psychology at University of Richmond in Virginia.

Video Tour

Take a virtual tour of the Integrated Science Center, including a look at the new psychology department space.

Careers and Continuing Studies

Positions Held by Our Graduates

Clinical Research Coordinator, Menninger Clinic // Counselor, Juvenile Detention Center // Crash Technician, North Dakota Highway Patrol // Dementia Resident Manager, Eventide // Education & Employment Trainer, YMCA // Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Abbott Northwestern Hospital - Allina Health // Mental Health Counselor, Owatonna Hospital // Mental Health Practitioner, Solutions Behavioral Healthcare // Neuroimaging Lab Researcher, Hartford Hospital // Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Fraser // Psychiatric Technician, Prairie St. John’s // Research Technician, Sanford Health //

Graduate Schools Attended by Our Graduates

Auburn University // University of California-Berkeley // Carnegie Mellon University // University of Chicago // University of Iowa // Iowa State University // London School of Economics // University of Minnesota // Minnesota State University-Moorhead // University of Nebraska // University of North Dakota // North Dakota State University // University of Notre Dame // University of Oregon // Purdue University // University of Southern Illinois // St. Cloud State University // St. Thomas University // Washington University in St. Louis // West Virginia University // 


Kacey Finch '18

I am pursuing a Ph.D. in behavior analysis at West Virginia University. Concordia and its psychology department fostered an environment that encouraged me to grow and gave me the opportunity to explore who I really am and what I want to do. Concordia’s guidance is much of the reason for where I am and where I will go in the future.

Unique Opportunities


Engage with faculty on research projects, as well as several research experiences built into the curriculum. Faculty-student research outside the classroom is a key factor in admission to graduate school. At Concordia, we’ll prepare you well. You may even have the chance to present your research at the Red River Psychology Conference

Gain Work Experience

Intern at one of numerous healthcare facilities and agencies in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Use your knowledge at a juvenile detention center, Sanford Health, the Fargo Youth Commission, Cass County Social Services, Lakeland Mental Health, North Dakota Autism Center or Prairie St. John’s.

Honors Options

Become a member of Psi Chi, the national psychology honor society, or our campus Psychology Club. We also offer our own honors program, which gives you the chance to plan and complete your own research project.

Jake Hanson '19

My favorite part about studying psychology is the research opportunities that I have been able to be a part of. My entire Concordia experience has vastly been shaped by my involvement in research with faculty in the psychology department. These opportunities have opened the door for me to see what the academic lifestyle was like out of the classroom.

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Dr. Darcie R. Sell

Chair/Associate Professor, Psychology Psychology, Women's and Gender Studies