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Minor in Social Activism

Through the social activism minor, you'll develop the practical skills and theoretical knowledge you'll need to assist you in enacting social change through activism.

Because of its interdisciplinary nature, the social activism minor will expose you to a variety of ideas and professors with backgrounds across a spectrum of professional and service industries. Departments involved include communication studies and theatre art, English, Offutt School of Business, philosophy, religion, sociology and social work.

Should I consider a social activism minor?

Upon completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Grapple with the complexity of modern social problems in a way that allows room for diverse viewpoints and experiences
  • Apply strategies and tactics to real-life situations that require creative problem-solving
  • Analyze the potential pitfalls, ethical issues, and best practices of social activism
  • Communicate an understanding of their place and abilities in references to social activism as well as possible approaches for effecting change

If these sound like skills and abilities you want to grow, a social activism minor may be a strong fit for you!

Local Activism

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Heart for the Homeless

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Dr. Kirsten E. Theye

Associate Professor, Communication Studies; Program Director, Social Activism Communication Studies, Social Activism