As a liberal arts college, Concordia students learn to think critically, develop a globally informed perspective, and become creative problem-solvers dedicated to serving the world's needs.

In 2021, Concordia College introduced a new academic structure resulting in the formation of the three schools model. The Sanford Heimarck School of Health Professions and the School of Arts and Sciences joined the Offutt School of Business to enhance students' career exploration, preparation, and on-time graduation.

Offutt School of Business

“I always wanted my own small business, and the pandemic presented an opportunity to reach people in my community and beyond. I’m able to discuss my WORK in my business classes and get support from my professors and classmates.”

— Brenna Mjoness ’22

School of Arts and Sciences

“As the first Muslim Interfaith Scholar, I LEAD conversations to bridge differences and create environments that foster shared understanding for our students and our community.

— Avyan Mejdeen ’22

“The schools model more clearly showcases the academic strengths of Concordia College and will help to engage philanthropic activity for innovation in teaching, learning, and applied problem-solving.” — Dr. Susan Larson, Provost and Dean of the College