The name "Concordia" may bring up an image of affluence. Because many believe a private education is only available to the wealthy, some students don't even consider Concordia. But the truth is, Concordia students come from all economic backgrounds.

Family Income Distribution 

(excluding non-FAFSA filers)

What Will I Actually Pay for My Education?

Figuring out what you'll actually pay to go to a certain college can be confusing (and overwhelming!), but it is important to get all the info you need about your overall final cost (including scholarships and other financial aid) before making your college choice and find the right place at the right price. 

You get a lot of numbers thrown at you when you're looking at colleges. What amount do you actually end up paying? Well, the out-of-pocket amount varies depending on a couple of different factors.

Here are a few ways we have made attending Concordia a possibility for all students who want the Cobber experience.

1. We Reduced Tuition

The number one thing we heard from students and our community is that the "sticker price" of Concordia was too high to even consider. We wanted to make the starting point a lot clearer and easier for all potential students so, starting in Fall 2021, we reduced the cost of tuition by more than $15,000 — a decrease of 35%.

Average Out-Of-Pocket Cost

Our financial aid program brings the average annual comprehensive cost (including room and board) to just $23,189.

Quick Cobber Stats ...

"When determining aid, we will review your FAFSA and consider your family's unique circumstances. We will work to present a total award that makes Concordia affordable for you."
Eric Addington, Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Financial Aid

2. We Offer Even More Scholarship Options

Any scholarships you earn or qualify for are subtracted from your "sticker price" tuition cost. You get scholarships based on your financial need AND your accomplishments (not to mention being able to use the scholarships you earned from external organizations).

To start, you automatically get an Excellence Scholarship (find your amount on the chart):

2023-24 Excellence Scholarship Amounts

Awards are based on EITHER high school GPA or test score — whichever amount is greater. 

ACT Score Award Amount High School GPA
>=33 $17,000








26-27 $14,000


24-25 $13,000


22-23 $12,000


<=21 $11,000


These amounts are for Fall 2023. Automatic scholarship levels will not be reevaluated after receipt of a comprehensive financial aid package.

3. Don't Forget Other Aid Options

Last but not least, you have the option to receive other types of aid, including grants, work-study, and loans.

Other Aid

Pay Off Loans More Quickly

On average, Minnesotans who get their bachelor's degree earn from 46% to 78% more annually than those with a high school or an associate's degree.


“Cost was a big factor in my college decision. A Concordia education is extremely unique and made possible by donors. Someday I hope to give back to a place that taught me how to be a part of an amazing community.”
Sonja Flancher ’20

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