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Contact Our Students


Contact us over Skype at either of these usernames: Concordia.intl.admission or Concordia.global.admission, or send your Skype username to intl@cord.edu along with the time you would like our students to contact you. You can also schedule a Skype call.


Download WeChat from your phone's app store and add us using the following username: CC_intladm, or send your WeChat username to intl@cord.edu along with the time you would like our students to contact you.

International Student Ambassadors

Get your answers to your questions and hear what life is like at Concordia by connecting with current international students. Our international student ambassadors offer their own insights to prospective and new students about what life is like as a current Concordia international student. 

Lauren Richardson '19

"I chose Concordia because of its amazing community. The relationships and connections that are made at Concordia will last a lifetime, and I couldn't be more excited about that. My favorite part about working in Admission is being able to lend a hand to students that are in the process of finding the perfect school for themselves. My experience here has been rewarding and challenging. I can't to apply all the knowledge that I've gained at my future job."










Julia Ozaniakova '21

"I chose Concordia because of its small class sizes, great academics and all the experiences it offers. I love how friendly everyone is and how easy it is to develop connections with professors and faculty on campus. I truly enjoy my internship  in International Admission. It has given me confidence in project management and development skills as well as an opportunity to work with students from all over the world who are figuring out if Concordia is the right fit for them."











Julia Ozaniakova '21

"I chose Concordia because of its academic excellence and the close-knit community! I love working in International Admission because it allows me to assist and interact with prospective students from all over the world, and share about my wonderful experience here at the same time."


Dr. Matthew R. Beatty

Director of International Admission Admission