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Contact us over Skype at either of these usernames: Concordia.intl.admission or Concordia.global.admission, or send your Skype username to intl@cord.edu along with the time you would like our students to contact you. You can also schedule a Skype call.


Download WeChat from your phone's app store and add us using the following username: CC_intladm or send your WeChat username to intl@cord.edu along with the time you would like our students to contact you.

International Student Ambassadors

Get your answers to your questions and hear what life is like at Concordia by connecting with current international students. Our international student ambassadors offer their own insights to prospective and new students about what life is like as a current Concordia international student. 

“I chose Concordia for its wide range of academic programs that it offers, especially in the STEM area. I also chose it because it is a liberal arts college and would really help me get an understanding of all the issues that are vital but that I wouldn't learn if I were at a university. I have always loved music and Concordia is a musical home, which attracted me toward it. It is also a small college, which would allow me to make many friends and build up a good connection with faculty. Eventually, I chose Concordia because I found it as my best fit and would be my home away from home.” 

– Gyanendra Karn ’20

“I chose Concordia for its welcoming community and values. Throughout my admission process, I have gotten to know and connect with the school that I have never been to. It made me understand that I am not indifferent to this school and have already developed a sense of belonging. Also, it was my dream to study in a liberal arts college and Concordia is great for that. I am studying in a college where I am growing not only academically but personally.”

– Amina Fatkhulloeva 22




“I chose Concordia for its various programs. The size of the school and classes was something that caught to my attention and was different from most of other colleges and universities. I knew that was is going to be easier for me to be engaged in the community, be active, and share with others. Concordia became home and I can’t wait to share my personal experience.” 

  – Nassima El kasmi 22




Steve R. Schaefer

Senior Associate Director of International Admission Admission