General education courses no longer need to be individually evaluated to determine transferability and core equivalency. With the Cobber Completion Plan, students who intend to complete either an A.A. degree or the MnTC before coming to Concordia know exactly how their credits will meet Concordia’s curriculum guidelines.

Students interested in continuing their education at Concordia will:

  • Enjoy a smooth transfer experience
  • Have a majority of Concordia’s Core Curriculum with their completed general education requirements
  • Dive into their major right away
  • Get time to explore other interests at Concordia

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Students who have previously completed an Associate of Arts (A.A.) from a regionally accredited institution or who have completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) prior to enrolling at Concordia will be waived of completing Core Curriculum requirements at Concordia (or have them fulfilled with an equivalent transfer course), with the exception of:

  • World Language – One course at the second semester level or higher
  • Religion 200 – Christianity and Religious Diversity

First year students that complete the MnTC through postsecondary enrollment or dual credit options and plan to enroll at Concordia once earning their high school diploma will also be required to take FYS 110 and WELL 110/111 during their first year at Concordia College.

All transfer courses must individually meet the transfer credit policy, including a standard letter grade of C- or better, to transfer and count toward overall credit needed for graduation. 

“We look forward to partnering with regional two-year colleges to create smooth transfer experiences. As an ELCA college, we're called and empowered to serve our neighbors so that all can flourish. Making it simpler and more welcoming for students to join the Concordia community is one way we can do this.”
Dr. Susan Larson, Provost and Dean of the College

Holly Sager

Director of Admission Admission