Though many alumni should be recognized for their commitment to service, great work does not go unnoticed. In choosing recipients of the Alumni Achievement, Sent Forth and Called to Serve Awards, the National Alumni Board strives to recognize influential Cobbers. Please join them in sharing the stories of your fellow Cobbers and honoring this years' award recipients.

Awards of Distinction

Sent Forth Award

The Sent Forth Award is conferred upon young alumni who have distinguished themselves early on in their careers and service to others. For graduates of less than 20 years, the Sent Forth Award is reserved for alumni who have shown vocational precociousness.

Called to Serve Award

The Called to Serve Award is conferred upon alumni who have demonstrated notable commitment to the mission of the college through lifelong service to their faith communities, education, arts or other not-for-profit activities. Alumni of any year are eligible for this award.


Alumni, and friends and family of alumni are encouraged to nominate graduates of Concordia College who have demonstrated outstanding vocational achievement or service to their community.

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