What is a Cobber Ambassador?

A Cobber Ambassador is passionate about Concordia’s students and mission to influence the affairs of the world. Our Ambassadors believe in the college, and help spread the word about Concordia’s life-changing education.

Who can be a Cobber Ambassador?

Truly anyone! Current students, alumni, current and former parents, faculty, and staff — anyone who has a heart for advancing our mission and supporting the students we serve.  

How do I help as a Cobber Ambassador?

As an ambassador, you'll help us empower others to connect, collaborate, and engage with the college, our students and mission.  Whether you're a first-rate storyteller, a captivating content creator, or simply love talking about this amazing place, this is your chance to be at the forefront of our alumni movement. Make an impact and leave a lasting legacy.  

Be an influencer. Be the change. 

Be a Cobber Ambassador