Who are Cobber Ambassadors?

Cobber Ambassadors are people who care about Concordia’s students and mission to influence the affairs of the world. Cobber Ambassadors believe in the college, help spread the word about Concordia’s life-changing education, and build connections between students, alumni, and friends.

Who can be an ambassador?

Truly anyone! Current students, alumni, current and former parents, faculty, and staff — anyone who has a heart for advancing our mission and supporting the students we serve.  

How can I be an ambassador?

There are many ways to make a difference.  Consider any or all of the impact areas below that are of interest to you.  We will continue to develop more details and specific ways you can get involved.  Do not let a busy schedule prevent you from joining the team — there is a role for even the busiest Cobber Ambassador.

Look at some of the highlights of how you can impact the mission of Concordia College:

  • Referring and recruiting new students — Invite the next generation of Cobbers
  • Connecting with current students — Serve as a mentor or provide internship and job opportunities
  • Engaging our Cobber community — Connect with alumni by hosting events, volunteering and giving
  • Communicating our mission — Share the Concordia story through social networks online or in person

Be a Cobber Ambassador