Dr. Angel F. Carrete Rodriguez

Associate Professor of Finance Business (Offutt School of Business – Academics)

Ph.D. in Finance, Florida Atlantic University, 2018
MBA, West Florida University, 2012
B.S. in Industrial Engineering, ITESO, 2006

Dr. Carrete’s main research interest is information and signaling in the financial markets. In particular, he enjoys the area of information asymmetry. Information asymmetry deals with the possibility that some market participants may have more information about certain assets than other investors. Information asymmetry can help explain stock trading patterns, the timing of debt and equity issues, changes in stock price, and investor compensation among other topics. Dr. Carrete also enjoys research institutional investors.

Dr. Carrete worked at McKinnon Wealth Management as a research associate from 2014 to 2017. His duties included stock research and monitoring the different portfolios to ensure that the current holdings adhere to the portfolio’s investment strategy. He also prepared individual portfolio assessments for clients who wanted to discuss their holdings and reviewed new clients’ portfolios.

Dr. Carrete strives to be . He wants his students to know they have value and that he cares about them inside and outside his classroom. He is committed to teaching the importance and practicality of financial theory. He focuses to make the material applicable to his students’ lives by emphasizing critical and analytical thinking. He does not approach his classes as if they existed in a vacuum. He works to make students understand why the material covered is important, how they can use it, and how it relates to their other classes. His goal is that students leave his classes having gained practical tools supported by a strong theoretical foundation. He believes that if students cannot see the value or practicality of a lesson they will most likely not retain the material.


Dr. Angel F. Carrete Rodriguez

Associate Professor of Finance Grant Center – 007