Dr. Thelma S. Berquó

Assistant Professor Physics

Dr. Thelma Berquó’s research interests are on the effects of particle aggregation and foreign ions adsorption/doping on the properties of magnetic iron oxides. These research themes have important connection with fundamental problems in physics, material sciences, and also have applications to environmental magnetism. As these multidisciplinary problems have impact in different areas Thelma always had the opportunity to interact with scholars from many fields such as physics, chemistry, geology and biology.

After the conclusion of her graduate studies, Thelma held post-doctoral positions at the Physics Institute of University of São Paulo and at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2003 she was offered a research associate position at the Institute for Rock Magnetism (a National Science Foundation facility) at the University of Minnesota, probably the best lab in the world in this field. Thelma spent seven years there interacting with people from all over the world. Her work at these institutions was always related to the identification and characterization of magnetic iron phases working with a variety of samples (including laboratory prepared, geological and biological materials), and using a broad range of instruments and techniques.

Besides having fun studying magnetism, Thelma likes cooking and baking, watching movies and traveling to different places in the company of her son and husband.


i) Professional Preparation:

Ph.D. Geophysics – 08/2000 – University of São Paulo – Brazil

M.Sc. Geophysics – 07/1996 – University of São Paulo – Brazil

Physics Bachelor – 07/1993 – Federal University of Espírito Santo – Brazil


(ii) Appointments:

2011-present Assistant professor, Physics Department, Concordia College

2003-2010 Research Associate, Institute for Rock Magnetism, University of Minnesota

2002-2003 Post-doctoral research fellow – Physics Institute – Univ. of São Paulo – Brazil

2001-2002 Post-doctoral research fellow – Dept. of Geology and Geophysics – Univ. of Edinburgh – Scotland

2000-2001 Post-doctoral research fellow – Physics Institute – Univ. of São Paulo – Brazil


Dr. Thelma S. Berquó

Assistant Professor ISC – 315