Ryan Anderson

Career Coach, Offutt School of Business Career Center

Ryan wants to help students recognize their strengths, values, and skills and assist them with their personal and professional goals. He loves having the opportunity to work with students at a time in their lives that is both exciting and stressful. He says, “We’ve all been there. I’m excited to help relieve some of those stressors and work with students to leverage their strengths and unique skills.” 

Ryan attended Fergus Falls Community College and received an Associate of Arts degree with a focus on journalism. He spent a year at Minnesota State University Moorhead studying advertising and then wrapped up his education at St. Cloud State University, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design.

In speaking about college, Ryan shared, “I knew that I enjoyed writing, creating, and sharing stories. These interests were heavily fueled by the local music community in both Fargo-Moorhead and the Twin Cities. I started with a focus on journalism, then transitioned to advertising and marketing, and finally ended up studying graphic design. As luck would have it, I’ve made use of all three areas of study in my professional life.” 

Ryan is no stranger to career change and wearing a lot of different hats at work. His first job was as a designer in the printing industry. He then worked as a graphic designer, advertising manager, and senior marketing manager in the outdoor industry with Hoigaard’s and Vail Resorts Retail. As the craft beer industry began to boom, he was offered an amazing role as a graphic designer with Brewers Supply Group. When a great opportunity brought his spouse to Moorhead, he launched a small business offering graphic design and marketing, giving him the opportunity to work with small businesses in the Twin Cities and in Fargo-Moorhead. Like many small businesses, Ryan was challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic and started working at the Career Center in November 2021. He says, “I had no idea just how much I needed the change at the time and quickly fell in love with the work, my department, and the division.”

Ryan is a huge music fan and loves live music. His tastes are eclectic, but you’ll find a disproportionate amount of indie, punk, and ’80s/’90s music in his collection. 

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Ryan Anderson

Career Coach, Offutt School of Business Parke Student Leadership Center, Knutson Campus Center