Cobber Kids welcomes children ages 16 months - Kindergarten. Each classroom (Toddler Room, Preschool Red & Preschool Blue) has two full time staff. Cobber Kids boasts great connections with the campus community, offering students various opportunities to interact with and learn from Concordia faculty and students.

To earn NAEYC accreditation, Cobber Kids went through an extensive self-study process and on-site visit, measuring the program and its services against the ten NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards and more than 400 related Accreditation Criteria. In the 25 years since NAEYC Accreditation was established, it has become a widely recognized sign of high-quality early childhood education.  

“The NAEYC Accreditation system raises the bar for child care centers and other early childhood programs,” said Jerlean E. Daniel, Ph.D., executive director of NAEYC. “Having earned NAEYC Accreditation is a sign that Cobber Kids and Concordia College is a leader in a national effort to invest in high-quality early childhood education.”

“We’re proud to have earned the mark of quality from NAEYC, and to be recognized for our commitment to reaching the highest professional standards,” said Anita Brandenburg, director at Cobber Kids. “NAEYC Accreditation lets families in our community know that children in our program are getting the best care and early learning experiences possible.” Cobber Kids is licensed from 16 months- Kindergarten. 

Contact Amanda Pieters for enrollment information.


Amanda J. Pieters

Director of Cobber Kids Cobber Kids