The Public Safety Office's primary responsibility is to ensure that all members of the Concordia community may pursue their occupation and/or education without fear for their mental, emotional and/or physical well-being.

Public Safety is also responsible for providing a safe academic, working and living environment for all of the Concordia community and its visitors.

Student Care Report

At Concordia, we take the well-being of our community seriously. If you are a student who has a concern about a fellow student, you can use an online form to submit the information. The campus Care Team will review the report and determine how to best support or connect with the individuals involved, as well as provide you with resources.

This form is not intended to be used for crisis situations. If you are concerned about someone's immediate health or safety, please call 911 or Public Safety (218.299.3123).

Submit a Student Care Report

Helpful Phone Numbers

Reporting an Emergency

  • Public Safety: 218.299.3123
  • Moorhead Police: 911

Campus Resources

  • SAFEWalk: 218.299.3123
  • Counseling Center: 218.299.3514
  • Disability Services: 218.299.3514

Off-Campus Resources

  • Suicide Prevention Center: 232.4357
  • Rape and Abuse Crisis Center: 293.7273

Security/Public Safety

Knutson Campus Center