Be Valued at Concordia

At Concordia, we're committed to the people who work here and invest in them with intentional policies, programs, rewards and benefits that communicate Concordia’s commitment to our employees.

Open Job Positions

"When people see open positions posted at Concordia and ask me what my experience has been, I tell them that I love my job. There is an overall understanding of the importance of work and family life and the flexibility that requires."
Petra Vanderford

What our employees say they love most about Concordia:   

  • Positive work environment
  • Great work/life balance
  • Meaningful work
  • Tuition waivers
"From the first time I stepped foot on campus as an adjunct professor in January 2013, I could sense that Concordia was different from any other institution. It wasn’t really anything that I could describe in words, but it was more of a feeling that I could sense on campus. I still feel that years later."
Dr. Jason Askvig

Employee Benefits

Providing a total compensation and benefits package is one way we invest in our employees who make an impact on our students and our mission.

In addition to the typical health/dental/vision coverage, our competitive benefits package includes a generous tuition benefit (at both the college and Concordia Language Villages) and free access to our campus wellness facilities (fitness center and pool).

Staff Benefits Faculty Benefits

"Concordia is a welcoming, caring environment. It’s important to me to work for an organization that I respect and whose values are compatible with my own — Concordia is that kind of organization. I’m always proud to say I work here."
Roxane Case