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Concordia to host ‘Crimes and Criminality in Early Christianity’

A candle featuring a cross is visible during a service at the Centrum.

The public is invited to attend “Counted Among the Lawless: Crimes and Criminality in Early Christianity,” Concordia College’s fall Religion 200 enrichment lecture, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 9, in the Knutson Center Centrum.

As a college of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Concordia is strongly rooted in the tradition of free inquiry and dialogue. As such, the school often hosts scholarly presentations on a variety of religious issues.Dr. David Creech

Dr. David Creech, a former associate professor of religion at Concordia who will give the talk, earned his doctorate in New Testament and Early Christianity at Loyola University Chicago. His research interests include the study of the many and varied Christianities during the first two centuries of the movement, as well as ancient and modern Biblical interpretation and Biblical notions of justice.

“He thinks creatively and pursues different angles about what early Christianity looked like,” said Dr. Elna K. Solvang, religion professor and department chair. “His study of criminality took a new focus in recent times, too, because of contemporary social issues.”

During his lecture, Creech will examine how careful Biblical, theological, and moral study may help readers think more constructively about crime, criminality, and criminalization in contemporary life.

All are welcome to attend, regardless of religious or philosophical background. The free event includes time for discussion and deeper engagement.