Giving Elementary Students a Glimpse of College Life, Future Careers

Earlier this month, more than 1,500 K-5 students got the opportunity to see what college is all about. Hosted by Tri-College University, the Walk Into My Future event gives elementary school students a chance to participate in activities that take place on a college campus.

This year, the event was hosted at Minnesota State University Moorhead. Concordia was represented through booths that were facilitated by Concordia staff and students. One of these booths included an Alka-Seltzer rocket lab that was run in part by Concordia student Taryn Wednt.

When asked about the importance of events like the Walk Into My Future, Wednt said that they “are important so kids can have access to all kinds of careers and hands-on experiences.”

This desire to give kids access to hands-on events directly aligns with Tri-College University Provost Tim Flakoll’s belief in the importance of the event.

“It shows how [college] can be fun and gets [the kids] excited about future careers,” he said.

Other Concordia booths included a music exploration lab, a toilet paper strength testing activity, fun with language and culture, and “better bouncing with potential energy.”

“Some kids tell me it is the best day of the summer,” Flakoll said.

This event shows the partnership shared by Concordia, MSUM, and NDSU.

It rotates its host every year and will be right here at Concordia in 2024.