IN THE NEWS: Concordia Balancing ChatGPT Use

Concordia faculty and staff were among those quoted in a Star Tribune article about how Minnesota colleges are responding to the release of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot that can answer questions, follow instructions, and generate creative content, including essays.

In the article, Dr. Darin Ulness, professor of chemistry, shares how Concordia has been trying to figure out the best way to use the tool and how to teach it.

"The tricky thing about this is that you've got this single tool that can be used very much unethically in an educational setting," he said in the article. "But at the same time, it can be such a valuable tool that we can't not use it."

Joesph Kennedy, academic technologist for the college, said perhaps the biggest benefit of using ChatGPT is preparing students to use the tool for future career tasks, such as coding, writing real estate listings, and drafting reference letters.

Concordia has a task force that has been hosting artificial intelligence training sessions for faculty and staff that have designed to teach ways to best use the tool and prevent misuse by students.

Left photo: AI task force members Laurie Probst, library director; Joe Kennedy, academic technologist; Darin Ulness, chemistry professor, lead a faculty workshop on ChatGPT. Teri Langlie (not pictured) is also a member of the task force.